Symbols and Subconscious

Life Is Not About Winning Or Loosing

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The unprocessed traumas or unhealed wounds from your past might be the root cause of the problem/situation/conflict that you are confronting at this moment in time. Revisit your past so that , you can  heal and process those wounds. Only then you will be able to find a solution to the current challenge that you are faced with.

The stuffs that you are dealing with ,at this phase of your life , might make you feel as if the whole world is against you. But in reality , it’s not so. It’s only your perception. Learn to perceive each and every problem or difficulties as a “challenge ” . Life would not be interesting without challenges right ? . 😁 We all need these kind of challenges in order to grow and evolve.

In this card, the moth might have concluded that it has lost the fight. And that it has nowhere to go. But is this the reality ? No! Not at all. Although the moth faces times of uncertainty and danger  , it will , eventually , come to the realisation that it’s not the end since it has it’s wings to help itself rise above all of these challenges.

Remember , life is not about winning or loosing. It’s all about ” experiencing , learning , growing and gaining wisdom ”


Swords  beneath  the Moth – traumas or wounds from the past , conflicts , challenges

Knotted Rope – complicated situation. 

Wings- Rising above all the challenges

Symbols and Subconscious


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Look at the card. What do you see?

I see, Death – Expiry – Transformation 

No Matter how much preservatives are being added, everything expires and goes stale after a certain period of time. Would you want to eat the rotten food or stale bread ?? Yikes!! No you wouldn’t , unless you enjoy being sick . So what next ? You would throw them away since they serve you no good.

Likewise , we all need to outgrow old patterns that serve us no good. It is difficult, but ,know that , without ” transformation ” there is no expansion. And without expansion there is no evolution !

Transformation will happen , no matter we like it or not. Then why resist it!! Resisting change or transformation will only make the process more painful to experience.

Had the caterpillar not undergone the transformation, we would not have seen a single butterfly.  

Allow the transformation and Trust the process.

Symbolism :-

The word “Death” –  Transformation 

Rotten fruit , mouldy Cheese – Time to get rid of them. Need for a change.

Jar with open lid – allowing the transformation to take place

Fly – bothering thoughts 

Timer – time for a change

Tarot Spreads

Life Path Spiral Spread

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Card 1️⃣ Which Path should I choose to get myself aligned with the divine plan of my soul /god/ universe ?

Card 2️⃣ My Strength

Card 3️⃣ My Weakness

Card 4️⃣ The Action that I should take to transform my weakness into my strength ?

Card 5️⃣ What Am I manifesting right now ? / Immediate Future .

Card 6️⃣ The Action that I should take to align myself with my life path/ life purpose ?

Card 7️⃣ What will be the outcome if I am willing to follow the guidance (from card 6️⃣) ?

Symbols and Subconscious

Do Not Cry Over Spilt Milk

The figure on this card is so focused on the past that she forgets to notice the abundance around her in this present moment. Not all is lost. She still has two more glasses on the table , next to the feast that is ready to be served. But she should be willing to go back to the table before it’s too late, before the food goes waste.

The past is something that cannot be changed. But you have the power to create your future with your present. Instead of focusing on ” what is lost ” , try counting your blessings which will help you to attract more blessings into your life.

How does this imagery speak to you , your subconscious ? 


Spilled wine – Past

Water/Ocean – emotions 

Dark attire- gloomy 

Table full of deliciousness- present moment, abundance that she has at this moment, Blessings.

Balloons- Happiness , Celebrations

Symbols and Subconscious

You may be experiencing uncertainty and fear about your future. The current path or Career may not seem right for you. You may feel as if your life lacks soul . You may be yearning for more of who you really are . First of all, know that it’s totally normal to feel that way. You are not alone.All of us face such hard times. Turn your focus inwards. Spend some time with you. Does the life you are living make you happy? If not ,what is that you feel that you need to do to reverse this situation?

Whatever it is , trust the guidance that comes from within. Do not let yourself get tempted by illusions and fantasies. Rather than living in head , try operating from your heart.

Time to Focus, gather your courage and get ready to embark on a journey into the unknown even if the path, that you have chosen, seems misty. Trust that you have all the wisdom ,knowledge and guidance that are necessary at the moment. All you need to do is to take a baby step right now. There is light at the end of the tunnel ❤️


Snake coiling all the Cups- Focus scattered, Confusion, fear , greediness , limiting beliefs, suppression of emotions

Broken Bridge – uncertainty , need to let go of the current path that does not serve you anymore .

Light on the other side of the bridge- bright future if you allow yourself to follow your intuition