Symbols and Subconscious

Do Not Cry Over Spilt Milk

The figure on this card is so focused on the past that she forgets to notice the abundance around her in this present moment. Not all is lost. She still has two more glasses on the table , next to the feast that is ready to be served. But she should be willing to go back to the table before it’s too late, before the food goes waste.

The past is something that cannot be changed. But you have the power to create your future with your present. Instead of focusing on ” what is lost ” , try counting your blessings which will help you to attract more blessings into your life.

How does this imagery speak to you , your subconscious ? 


Spilled wine – Past

Water/Ocean – emotions 

Dark attire- gloomy 

Table full of deliciousness- present moment, abundance that she has at this moment, Blessings.

Balloons- Happiness , Celebrations

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