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Life Is Not About Winning Or Loosing

The unprocessed traumas or unhealed wounds from your past might be the root cause of the problem/situation/conflict that you are confronting at this moment in time. Revisit your past so that , you can  heal and process those wounds. Only then you will be able to find a solution to the current challenge that you are faced with.

The stuffs that you are dealing with ,at this phase of your life , might make you feel as if the whole world is against you. But in reality , it’s not so. It’s only your perception. Learn to perceive each and every problem or difficulties as a “challenge ” . Life would not be interesting without challenges right ? . 😁 We all need these kind of challenges in order to grow and evolve.

In this card, the moth might have concluded that it has lost the fight. And that it has nowhere to go. But is this the reality ? No! Not at all. Although the moth faces times of uncertainty and danger  , it will , eventually , come to the realisation that it’s not the end since it has it’s wings to help itself rise above all of these challenges.

Remember , life is not about winning or loosing. It’s all about ” experiencing , learning , growing and gaining wisdom ”


Swords  beneath  the Moth – traumas or wounds from the past , conflicts , challenges

Knotted Rope – complicated situation. 

Wings- Rising above all the challenges

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