Symbols and Subconscious


Look at the card. What do you see?

I see, Death – Expiry – Transformation 

No Matter how much preservatives are being added, everything expires and goes stale after a certain period of time. Would you want to eat the rotten food or stale bread ?? Yikes!! No you wouldn’t , unless you enjoy being sick . So what next ? You would throw them away since they serve you no good.

Likewise , we all need to outgrow old patterns that serve us no good. It is difficult, but ,know that , without ” transformation ” there is no expansion. And without expansion there is no evolution !

Transformation will happen , no matter we like it or not. Then why resist it!! Resisting change or transformation will only make the process more painful to experience.

Had the caterpillar not undergone the transformation, we would not have seen a single butterfly.  

Allow the transformation and Trust the process.

Symbolism :-

The word “Death” –  Transformation 

Rotten fruit , mouldy Cheese – Time to get rid of them. Need for a change.

Jar with open lid – allowing the transformation to take place

Fly – bothering thoughts 

Timer – time for a change

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